Tonsured Altar Servers
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Altar Servers Nicholas Angelov, Nicholas Moore, and Alex Young were tonsured by His Eminence Metropolitan Joseph and His Grace Bishop Daniil during our 100th Anniversary celebration at the Hierarchial Divine Liturgy on September 13, 2015.

St. Stephen Administration and Staff

Christ performed His ministry by enlisting the help of the Apostles. Similarly, our clergy are supported by a dedicated team comprised of the Church Board Officers, chanter,  & choir  These people are responsible for major projects, as well as daily finances, parish communications, spiritual care, and the worship experience itself. 

2022-2024 Church Board Officers

Our church board serves for two years.  They are in the spiritual capacity to mold our church activities, both religiously and socially while working with the Priest.  Election of Officers for 2022-2024 will be held on Sunday, February 20, 2022  

Mark Angeloff, President

Ihor Boyko, Vice President

Katherine Popcheff, Treasurer

Vera Popov, Assistant Treasurer

Lisa Amick, Recording Secretary

Nada Phoenix, Corresponding Secretary

Wardens:  Kristina Damlovic, Debbie Klemen, and John VanDorn

Elders:  Sylvia Burden, George Kazacoff, Ralitsa Kolarova, and Dr. Greg Sokol

Trustees:  Mike Feldman, Angel Todorov and Deanie Joseph

Sisterhood-Karen Dimitroff, President     

Men's Group - Ihor Boyko, President   

Parish Office Assistant/FB/Wk News - Penny Jo Clift

Hall Rental - Sylvia Burden

Church Webpage - Lisa Amick



Altar Servers

Alter ServersOur church has been blessed with many Altar Servers. Our coordinator is Sub Deacon George Kazacoff. He is assisted by  Stephen Protegere, Christopher Moore, Nicholas Moore, Nicholas Angelov, and Alex Young.

Black/brown leather dress shoes must be worn — no tennis shoes or flip flops. Dark-colored dress pants should be worn with white or light-colored, collared dress It is important that everyone serving around Christ’s altar look neat and clean at all times.

Please recruit and encourage other young men, who will turn ten by December 31, 2022, to join the ranks of our parish altar servers. Please contact our Sub Deacon for more information about joining.

Traditionally, Metropolitan Joseph tonsures the new Altar Servers on his visit to our Parish in October.



The Sisterhood Would Like to Remind Everyone of the Items Available---

Zelnik---Whole Cheese or Spinach $40 or Half $25





Please speak to a member to make your purchase!

St. Stephen Bulgarian Eastern Orthodox Church


1435 N. Medford Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46222

Facebook Link---https://www.facebook.com/StStephenOrthodox

Church Livestreaming Services Link--https://www.facebook.com/live/producer/903162190754078/

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